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April 30, 2011

It looks like tye-up

I got her out this morning and walked her on a lead rope in the driveway to see how things were.  Her croup muscles got hard and humped up into a spasm, so I'm sure she has had another tye-up.  Doug has left to go to the vet and see what we can do to make her more comfortable.  I can't see any more LD's or concentrated distance work for this horse.  We went for almost two years, and I've ridden her so carefully.  Phebes can likely be rehabbed and be a nice trail horse, or work at some type of arena discipline in the future, but I do not feel that she can ever do the thing I so wanted to do.  I love this little mare so much, only a few realize the hard work I've put into her, but sometimes dreaming, wanting and believing, are not always enough.   ~ E.G.


  1. OMG, EG, I am so sorry. Lots of hugs from here, no matter what you decide in the end.

  2. AH! Just typed a whole long comment and the computer lost it.But the gist is, I am so sorry you are facing this decision. I have been had to come to the realization that my endurance-hopeful will not be the right horse a couple of times in the last 5 or so years BUT they weren't horses I raised and trained myself. My "future star" Arabian filly was born here two weeks ago and while I am so looking forward to raising her it is always on my mind that someday I might have to face what you are facing now. You just never know. My good friend just made the decision to sell her gorgeous, talented 50 miler mare because the horse was just too unpredictable for her at her age. This was a horse she was essentially scared of at this point, but still cried and cried facing this decision. There is just no easy way to face these things when it comes to our beloved horses. It sounds like you have done nothing but right by this mare and, as you mentioned, there are so many horses starving and in bad conditions these days that just giving your horse a good life and quality feed IS a truly valuable thing. That said, there can be no outside words to make this decision easier..but my thoughts are with you!

  3. What terrible news :( I'm so sorry to hear this. Such heart break. It has not been a good year for all my favorite endurance horses.

  4. This is very sad news. So very sorry.

  5. Sometimes horses are brought to us to help them on their journey, she has certainly helped you on yours. You've brought her so far, and if this is as far as your ride can go together, then it's still been an amazing gift.

    You've done a great job conditioning her, I hope that aids in her recovery.

    You know, it reminds me of another rider who recently went ahead and purchased a cow horse, because she's having fun doing team penning. She loves her TWH, who has been an endurance horse, and who was willing to do cows, didn't really love it.

    Horses are so fragile, so specialized. Lucky are those with riders who see it.