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March 23, 2011

Good session last night

The trails are trying to dry out, and the condition of the hills was overall pretty good last night.  I've found a half mile section that is two big hills that we are repeating.  We start off cantering them, then trotting them, and finally walking them until the hour is up.  I use the down hill of one as the cool down for the next one, reverse and do it again. We  also walk back for her cool down which is about a mile to get the snort out of her and settle her back down as she gets pretty exciteable.  Right now I'm going to limit this type work to once a week and see how she does. 

I've picked up the feed ration adding almost three additional pounds to help maintain her weight.  This ration consists of rolled oats, timothy pellets, performance feed, and Cool Command (a lower starch/high fat feed).  We are again adding Vitamin E and Magnesium for her muscles.

Phebes will get the next couple of days off for recovery/rest while I put in my long days at work.  Crossing my fingers for good weekend weather so we have better footing for our next LSD session.  Our first LD of the season is only a few weeks out.       ~E.G.


  1. I'm jealous. I want a hill!

  2. Sounds like a great spot to train!

  3. I have enough hills for Ozzie and Phoebes AND Fiddle...come on over and get some.

    Uh, do you mind if they're kinda wet?