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March 22, 2011

The Euro is built! Should ship out today...

Michelle at Trailwise Tack has been so TREMENDOUSLY wonderful and helpful.  And Specialized got my measurements  and built the saddle based on those and other info that I sent.    Mentally I have just now accepted that we are going to get this saddle, and last night I was absolutely giddy with excitement.  I so hope this saddle fits her well, and makes her more comfortable over the long miles.  ~E.G.

Note March 22, 2011 Saddle has not been built due to the fit kit measurements did not get there!  All I can figure was they confused me with someone else...wonder if it was Jonna!  So the race is on, who will get the Euro first?  Tracking info says they should have got my measurements today.  If she fits the wide tree standard, we will be good to go and it should ship tomorrow or Monday, then a UPS wait again to get it here.  So I'm likely looking at the first week of April sometime at the soonest.  Maybe they will have my blue suede seat by then so I won't have a wait on it as currently it is backordered.  I'll be glad to have it and start working out our own little tweaks with it.  I'm standing by Trailwise ,great communciation with me and I appreciate that!


  1. Wow- that was pretty fast- I was told they were two-three weeks out on build time???

    Did you end up going with the wide?

  2. Jonna, actually I have had no direct contact with Specialized. I've worked through Trailwise. I'm hoping my measurements are enough to get it right...Phebes is one WIDE ride.

  3. The Enduros are quicker to built. Real fast if you have no tooling. If it is not wide enough, they should exchange it out for you. "Should". lol

    It is not that hard to fit after you mess with them a bit. I've been riding in my International for about 4 years now. Best purchase I have made.

  4. Love your drawings on previous posts..and LOVE Specialized saddles. When my overly expensive panel saddle finally bites the dust I am getting a Specialized for sure. Hope it works out great for you and your mare!

  5. EG, Congratulations - you are one step closer to your new saddle! I understand how exciting it is. I hope it will be great; other commenters seem to love theirs so it will probably work great for Phebes!

  6. E.G- I know all about the "Wide Ride" .. hope it does the trick for you and Phebes!!