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January 2, 2011

Ringing in the New Year a day late!

Happy New Year!
My goals for the coming year have been posted since November. Since resolutions require resolve, I have not made any. I am a “planner” so that is what I do, how I condition my horse, and how I ride a ride. From start to finish there is a plan. Although things may not go to plan, at least I have structure to get me through the moment. Planning is fine if you are not too rigid, and have enough flexibility to bend to the circumstance. So the closest I can or will come to a resolution of sorts is more in my perception of life as it happens right now, rather than focusing hard on a particular goal. You see, I want to live more in the moment. Instead of grabbing my horse and churning down a training trail pushing onward, I want to look into her eyes with honesty, and have her look back with trust. Those two things will take us anywhere we really need to go.
I am told at least once a month by somebody to let her go and get a more suitable horse. But I remember a promise. Even a promise made to an old mare with eyes as deep as the desert that I would do my best. Not because her filly had greatness, but because Aidrian did. What she gave couldn’t be measured in miles, it was measured in heart. If in ten years I can make her fractious offspring even half the horse she was, I will have been twice blessed. We are six and counting…we are getting there. This is to be the year that we ride, taking each day as it comes, riding in the moment, not looking backwards, and not pushing forward. What follows will happen as it is destined to be.  We will just follow the path, destination unknown. 


  1. I admire you for not giving up when things get tough.

  2. Happy New Year EG, your plan sounds a lot like mine.. just follow the path .. I like that!

    Best wishes to you and Phebes...

  3. So glad your mom's doing better!

    I really don't know what I'd do with a "better" more suited mount. One of my endurance lists is doing a poll for what you look for in an endurance mount, and I honestly have no idea what I'd look for. I hope I don't have to look for years and years!

  4. Jacke, Your plans for the future are beautiful to read, so sincere and lovely. What a wonderful heart you have, and a wonderful love for your special horse. You and she will have a good year, I'm sure.