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January 4, 2011

Totally not endurance related, well maybe a "different" kind of endurance.

For those who sent boat loads of prayers our way.  Mom is much better.

I went to visit today.  You would have to know my mom to understand the irony of this but she is worried "that her legs won't be pretty in shorts anymore."   On Wednesday last she stopped breathing during a diagnostic procedure, had to be intubated, had emergency open heart surgery on Thursday, with a coronary bypass and the aortic valve replaced.  Today I asked her "Mom, what do you remember about the past week (she was unconscious for four days). "  She said she remembered going in for the diagnostic procedure, and suddenly all those people acted like they'd gone crazy."  She says" you'd think I was dying or something." (she was, she just doesn't know she was).    So today she had a pint of my brother's home made veggie soup for breakfast, ate a good lunch, and took two short walks from the bed to the doorway of the room.  In light of all that has happened, that my friends is ENDURANCE, she's made of tougher stuff than I am.  My Mom is something else...and so glad I can say that.

Life throws some curves sometimes, and much of my life I've not been sure if I'm pitching or catching those, but it sure gives one perspective on what and who is important.    The situation this week was pretty bleak, and I've never been very good at just giving something to God.   This is probably the first time in my life that I went fully into a tough situation with a heart of acceptance that my creator knows best, and however things worked out, that I would just lay it down, and accept what is instead of agonizing for what I "want."   It is a liberating position to take, and it has only taken half a century to get that into my grasp for the very first time.  It looks as if we have that favorable outcome, and it is a surprising and beautiful gift.  As are the folks who remembered my Mom in prayer.  Thank you, you know who you are.
 ~ E.G.


  1. We are still keeping her (and you) in our thoughts, EG!

  2. It has been nothing short of miraculous, even the doctors saying so. She on Thursday was the sickest patient in the hospital, with a very poor outlook for successful heart surgery (she waited too long). She is four days post op, and refused pain meds today saying "she doesn't need them." She is stapled from just above her belly button up to her neck, and all the way down the inside of one leg. I so appreciate (and believe in) those prayerful thoughts. More than I can say.

  3. I should also have added the folks that said them. I'd hug you if I could.

  4. What an incredible woman. glad she's still here with you. Still keeping you and her in my thoughts.

  5. Hello & Happy New Year!
    So very happy to hear of this Blessing for your mother & You. My mother had bypass surgery a number of years ago..& is still dancing for joy, despite Dr.s giving small odds for surviving this long.

    We learn to live and love in the moments as This is what we are given. This is our ministry to each other, our legacy of love no matter what the outcome.

    Thank You for reminding us all of this sweet miracle.

    Moms legs are even More lovely because of her "ribbons" of valor & Endurance:)
    Prayers & buzz's
    * kare (iznaabugg & Onyx-Rose = a tribute to my Mom)

  6. Jacke, So glad to hear your mom is doing well! Wonderful! Sounds like she is made of tough stuff- so helpful after surgery! What a great woman she must be.