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October 31, 2010

Lovely Wintec VSD for sale. LIKE NEW.

This Wintec VSD is as close to new as you will get unless you ordered one brand new. No wear on the billets, super soft and thin flaps in equi leather, knee rolls soft synthetic suede, CAIR, wide white gullet and a medium gullet,cover, and new wintec webbers. $300 plus shipping in the original box it came in. There is one minor flaw in the saddle in that it does not have the brass dees on the back, so if you ride endurance you'd need the type of saddle pack that slips over the seat. If you do dressage or whatever it wouldn't matter. It does have front dees for a breast collar or a front pommel pack. It is a really beautiful saddle. I just can't ride comfortably in an english style saddle. I feel too insecure. It will be a western seat for me ALWAYS. The seat measures 17 inches from the button to the back of the seat. Oh, and it weighs about 12 pounds MAX. If you know anyone interested please send them my way. ~E.G.

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  1. I have seen this saddle, and it IS very very nice! Truly like new.