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October 31, 2010

Post Ride Report

Today Phebes has been pretty darned lazy, snoozing in the sun, and watching the new cow herd (including a huge bull) that have moved into the neighboring field. Since her appetite was good this morning I left her to rest and be a horse. This evening when we brought her up for her daily wet mash I checked on her "B" muscle tone. The topline of her rump was nice and jiggly as were the bicep (femoris) muscles. She did seem a little sore in what we would call the hamstring muscle (semi teninosus) an area where she is inclined to be a little tight anyway, but I feel more so with the difficult hilly terrain. I'm going to let her continue to rest, and may try some gentle stretching forward of her hind legs after a few days to try and loosen this area. Please don't ask about my muscle tone ... ~E.G. (who is hobbling)


  1. if u can get a hold of some arnica oil and massage it on her it will help a lot with tight, stiff or sore muscles. I use it on myself and my horses, its amazing stuff

  2. EG, You are allowed to be hobbling for days! After such a major effort as the Spook ride. Just keep saying "we did it, we did it, we did it!" (No, really, I'm sorry your hurting....) Glad Phebes is doing well.