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August 16, 2010

Working on hills again

The temperature is at 95.4 °F this afternoon, humidity was not quite so bad today at 27%. Hot, but at least you could catch your breath. We worked at hills today of varying degrees of difficulty from very difficult to moderate. I don't have any long hills, the longest being 1/2 mile. So we trotted it once, and cantered it once, walked some long gradual hills, and trotted up one very steephill. In between we trotted, walked, cantered, and walked. We also stopped for grass grabbing. I only got to offer water twice as our many sources have dried up, so I offered water at the big creek coming and going. I also let her drink down one of my water bottles which she is catching on to doing and is kind of funny :) She gave me one heart stopping spook at the canter, but otherwise was well behaved. I'm noticing that when she sees things out of her right eye she tends to spook. If we go by the other direction, not so much. Makes me wonder if she has some visual issues, or is just goofy on that side of her brain? She won't have any additional work until the end of the week. ~E.G.


  1. That's a good observation about her spooking. Did her mom go blind? Was it genetic/heriditary?

    Crossing my fingers for you both!

  2. Yes, Mom went blind from recurring equine uvitis.