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August 17, 2010

Fresh trim on the Phebes

Doug put a fresh trim on Phebes hooves tonight and they do look "fine." (sorry unmotivated with the camera lately).

After each trim I have to grab an Easyboot Glove and see how our fit is looking. It was a major go on three hooves, and a more or less fit on the other front hoof. This particular hoof is very slightly clubbed, and a shorter hoof overall than her other three which are all perfect 0.5's. I really feel that the length of a size O would be a better fit, however she has the width of an 0.5, which leaves me with a I boot using the 0.5 and allow her to have that dead air space at the toe? What about a clean breakover? So I've decided to purchase a size 0 and do a little experiment with the boot. When I do so I will photo document the process, and the result. Worse case scenerio I'll be out about $50, and I'll continue on as I have since she's never lost a front boot except for the time she was tearing across hilly, muddy terrain "sans" rider (who was slogging up and down the hills in pursuit sweating a major river).

I haven't decided which method I will try on the Glove to make the size "O" a good fit... (I have two ideas in mind, but can only use one of them) but I'm thinking with just a little tweaking, I can get the atypical hoof to fit the boot. I'll link you up and keep you posted when I put my plan into action.

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