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August 16, 2010

Hot and Humid ride

We were slow as molasses yesterday (maybe slower) on our very hot and humid ride at Versailles State Park. Lida and Doc joined us and it was really nice to see them both. Phebes actually likes Doc and there weren't any horse antics, though Phebes did attempt to bite Lida twice (and I thwarted that)! The heat was incredible. The heat index was above a hundred degrees with the humidity factored in. We let the horses set the pace and for the most part they wanted to walk. Even so we made a few stops to let respiration and heart rates stay in the aerobic phase. A lot went right with our ride. Phebes was quiet, she accepted her electrolytes, she drank out of a water bottle, and when all was done she pulsed down to 50 bpm very quickly. Doc was his fantastic self. Lida brought a hose and spray nozzle and talk about a horse being happy??? Phebes just stood there loving the cold hose down from nose to tail. So in the check column.

Peeing & Pooping
Took her e-lytes
Pulse Down

In the not so good category.

Ummmm....don't try to bite our riding buddies.
A little bit of "drag fanny" and not wanting to pass Doc.
She didn't want to eat.

It was a good ride. Next time 15 miles..... ~E.G.


  1. How far did you ride? I've been reluctant to ride much in the heat we have going on, it's just miserable...

    Sounds like a really good start! Go, go, go! :)

  2. It actually wasn't too bad though I was sweating heavily. We did eleven miles yesterday with a short break after 6.5 miles. As long as we were in the woods it felt much better. The horse flies didn't come out until after lunch.