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August 10, 2010

Time to start again...

I have been slacking, really slacking. Phebes is creeping back into old (testing type) behaviors as she has way too much leisure time and seems to be liking it that way. So this week we will sort of get a baseline feel for where we are at...and then move forward from there with a goal of The Spook Run in mind. (Please Lord let there be a Spook Run). My last opportunity this year to try, try, AGAIN. So here we sit. Horse out of shape, and rider beyond out of shape. I have a plan for the horse! *LOL* Not sure I can get me cutting the mustard, but usually the more I work her, the better I get, especially with lots of work at the posting trot where I have to like CATCH-MY-BREATH! But then keep going. I'm hoping the heat will break at some point as I would like to try some longer training distances than I've done before, as well as some back to back training days. My goal for the year was A) a multi-day or B) attempt a 50. So that is what I have in my sights. My thinking on the training agenda is to start with back to back 10 mile training days, then back to back 15 mile training days, then back to back 20 mile training days, progressing up to two 25 mile rides. These I will try to space at about 10 days apart with a rest day for each ten miles, then some intervals on our short days with rest in between those. Then if I can fit them in a 40 mile ride ( or a 35 and a 30 which would simulate a multiday) peaking about ten days before our ride date. I have about ten weeks to tune her up, is this too lofty of a goal? So seventy days, ratcheting up her LSD every ten days with back to back rides. I figure if she can complete a 35 and a 30 successfully in training, she should be good to go for one of the goals, yes? no? Thoughts? Opinions? ~E.G.

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  1. I think I would make sure that I felt good about accomplishing a one day 25/30 mile event successfully before pushing on to the next level. But I'm a newbie and as a beginner, I'd rather be safe, have fun, and make sure my horse enjoys the experience as much as I do.

    I was also hoping to do a multi-day this year, but I haven't even made it to one event yet. LIFE just happens sometimes. And it's been a great summer - just not for riding.

    So my revised goal for this year is....try to make it to Spook Run. :-)