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August 28, 2010

The Equi-sock Experiment

The Equi-sock Experiment went very well. 15 hilly miles, no rubs front or back. The one thing I think they will need is a square of velcro so when I fold them down I can attach it to the velcro that is not in use on the front of the boot. The only issue I had with this process today was that one of the socks crept down under the gaiter, so I had to unstrap her boot, pull it back into place, and strap the boot, then fold the sock down over the gaiter. I'm pleased with it. I spent about ten minutes putting on the vet wrap, the socks, and all four boots. Forgot I intended to use sport tape today until I had three legs booted.

We rode with Lida and Doc at Brown County, it was a fun ride. Lida actually trots out a little faster than I usually go. But she does more intervals of walk, trot than we usually do so it worked out fine. Doc has three incredible trotting speeds. Phebes only had one melt down. There was not much water on trail. We found two puddles, she wouldn't drink, so I filled up my empty water bottle and gave it to her that way which she thought was yummy. This mare is HIGH MAINTENANCE. She ate a couple of mouthfuls of hay and that was it other than bits of grass along the trail.

Next week I plan to attempt 20-24 miles. Tomorrow we will be doing a half hour or so of intervals. After that I'm going to stick to 10-12 mile rides at a little faster pace until I can get back to Clark where I want to again do 20-25 miles by the end of September, then back to picking up the pace on shorter rides until The Spook Run.


  1. Maybe this will seem silly to ask but the red/pink under the equi-sock... is that vet wrap? Just curious what that part of your set up is and its function.

  2. Caitlin,

    She is not a "perfect" fit for the boots. The double wrap is vet wrap which is grippy and gives the hoof boot more bite. I've had very good outcomes using the vet wrap.

    From the after photos you can see that Phebes has a very thin fur coat, and behind her pasterns she has even less fur. I'm very happy with the outcome. Now if it will continue to work for 30 miles I'll be good to go.


  3. I have to ask ... these Equi-socks, are they something you bought? Or are you literally just cutting down men's dress socks to the size you need? I can't really tell from the picture and since you gave it an "official" name I'm curious. My google search only returned Equi-socks hoof wraps which are definitely NOT what you are using.

    And since you mentioned your new experiment boot has the new-style gaiter, I'd like to hear your opinion. I like the new design, is the material the same?


  4. Danielle, I didn't know there was an actual product called that or I'd have given it a different moniker! I took to pair of men's dress socks, cut them off about where the heel starts to get that bell shape at the bottom. I turn them inside out, pull it over the hoof, and up the leg, then put the hoof boot on, and fold the top of the sock down over the gaiter. It worked incredibly well! I will say that I'd have preferred a slicker sock on the top, but then it may have worked its was back down under the gaiter, don't know. I had $4.50 invested and it took care of all four hooves. The socks (let's call them "horsey-socks" *grin*) are in the washer right now. I want to see if they will draw back up in the dryer, and if the bottom edge that I cut will fray. If so I will have to put a machine hem on them. They looked pretty good on, once folded over you really couldn't hardly tell you had them on as the black blended with the black...but now I am visualizing some wild and whacky socks, as that is just how I roll. ~E.G. (who has to google equi-socks now)

  5. How funny! Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

    I will have to give this a try under my gloves sometime. Huck, like Phebes, has a tendency towards scratches and rubs. I've been spraying his pasterns with Zypher Garden's anti-fungal spray before I strap the gaiters on, hoping it will at least help with the scratches.

    Are you familiar with the boot socks that are all the rage with hunter riders? Thin, fairly tight-fitting material that comes in a HUGE variety of patterns and colors. Google "Ovation Zocks" They're a lot of fun.