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August 29, 2010

New Gaiter Design on the Easyboot Gloves

Danielle had asked about the new gaiter design on the Gloves. There is an outer gaiter with a lower profile than previous boots, also a satin (very slick) inner lining above the top of the gaiter that I think will totally outmode the need for my horsey socks underneath.

Just in case anyone is wondering the area that looks rubbed is from last weeks ride, not yesterday's.

Today was try on and modify the size 0 boot experiment. Her fronts had been freshly balanced by LSEGH. The left front hoof is smaller than her other three hooves. When we tried on the shells once upon a time she had a bulge in the O, and dead air space in the toe of the 0.5 so I went with 0.5 but had reservations about the air space in the toe. Today the size 0 fit that left front hoof perfectly (probably due to the fresh trim, and removal of slight flair), the same boot fit her right front with a very minimal bulge at the outside quarters of the hoof. The boot was a very tight foot on her hinds, but I believe with a fresh trim on those the boots would rock on without much issue. So looks like I'm going to have to order by girl 3 more of the size O boots.

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