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August 27, 2010


Not sure of our mileage goals, more looking at time tomorrow at Brown County. Hoping for four hours on trail, and really hope to work up and down a huge hill several time. Have most of what I need gathered up and ready to go. Looking forward to seeing Lida & Doc again.

Tomorrow's little experiment will involve booting all four hooves. Since it is super dry I may try the sport tape again and see if it adheres better. We are also trying our Equi-Socks a handy dandy invention to go above, below, and over the pastern to further protect from the risk of gaiter rubs. I've never had rubs over short mileage of 5-10 miles. But I have had small rubs over longer distances of 15-30 miles on the fronts. I consider any rub at all to be unacceptable so I am continuing to tweak the equipment at hand to see if I can make the most of what I have. Phebes boots all have the old gaiters on them. My new experimental boot has the new gaiter on it and it is super slick, soft, and nice. But back to Equi-socks. Think of a man's black dress sock without the foot pulled over the hoof and pastern. Then apply the boot, and gaiter up over the Equi-sock, then fold the top part down over the top of the gaiter...HOLD BREATH, SEE IF IT WORKS. ~E.G.

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  1. I am crossing my fingers for you! Good luck on you equi-socks.

    Hey there, I have been reading your blog for a while but just never go the courage to post a comment, but today I moved past my fear and did it. You have a wonderful blog and I love learning about endurance from it. I am new to endurance and love it, my horse seems to be a good prospect for it, even though she isn't an Arab.