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July 24, 2010

Following Mel on her Tevis journey today...and a day in the life of ~E.G.

so far:

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Checkpoint Status Time Mileage

Checkpoint Status Time Mileage
Information generated 7/24/10 9:28:12 am

Robie Park Departed 7/24/10 5:15 am

Lyon Ridge Arrived 7/24/10 8:52 am 21.5 miles

(Almost a 1/4 of the way....hang tough Mel and Farley!)
Totally off topic but since I'm NOT riding today and fixated on the Tevis (a heart burning desire of mine though I've yet to crack 30 miles with a sane horse), so I'm living vicariously through Mel today and have a project here at home. HOMEMADE LAUNDRY DETERGENT- SEMI-HOMEMADE BATH SOAP- and HOME MADE SHAMPOO. A friend at work has been making her own laundry detergent for a couple of years, costs a few cents per load to use and the recipe is easy, low chemical (compared to commercial brands) and clothes look great! The recipe makes 3 gallons, and you use 1/2-1 cup per load. Since I also like to make my own bath soap I had baby powder scented oil which I added a very small amount to the pail and it smells lovely. Currently it is curing in a bucket on the washer. As I mentioned I like to make soap from an olive oil base, but I am experimenting today. Not sure the experiment will work....but it is cooking on the stove as I type here. The base I'm trying is Ivory Soap 3/$1.00 from my local Kroger. I grated it and will remelt (I hope) on stove top. Now a sane person would say didn't you already have a bar of soap? Well yes I did, but!!! The addition of virgin olive oil, organic aloe vera gel, and scented oil should I hope make a new exciting bar of soap. Not sure how it will turn out, but I'll keep you posted. I like for scents to match when I bath, and where can you find shampoo, bath soap, and laundry detergent that all smell the same? I'm also very chemical sensitive and can't tolerate heavy perfumes, so I can create a scent that is light.

Off to stir...then I'll come back and check on Mel's progress :)

I'm back! Mel's still at Lyon's ridge or someplace in between I'm hoping.

The re-made soap looks like it is going to set up fine. We will have three bars of "sage and citrus" for my hubby, and three bars of "baby powder scent" for me. I put his into my cylinder soap mold, and hand shaped mine like hamburger patties :) I want to see which sets into the better bar for use.

The shampoo looks good. I made a bottle for Phebes too using the sage and citrus scent, and a castille liquid base. Mine is baby powdered scent and I will try it out tomorrow.

Now I'm going to scurry back onto the net and see what kind of lovely recipes I can find for dishsoap, and glass cleaner.

Mel has reached RED STAR RIDGE
Red Star Ridge Departed 7/24/10 10:33 am 28.5 miles

As Mel continues on her ride of dreams....I gave both dogs a bath in the homemade shampoo. It lathered well, rinsed out easily, and they smell citrusy GOOD! Doug's molded soap indeed did turn out better than my handshaped bars, so I know how I want to do it in the future. Checked on my laundry detergent and it is turned into a nice gel form, just like---well---laundry detergent. Now I have to find some empty jugs from someone to funnel it into. The next test will be in how well does it wash clothes but I expect to have no issues with that because of the ingredients, it is almost a "gimmee" that it will work. Baked a turkey meatloaf for Doug's supper, and cut up fresh cumcumbers and onions chilling in vinegar, salt, pepper, and a dash of sugar in the fridge. Then I took a break and watched TABOO. OMG! There are some terribly sick puppies out in our world (no offense to the better dog world intended) and while I sat I decided to bead Maggie Mae (the rat terrier mix) a new doggy necklace with bells. Maggie doesn't come on the recall and is often underfoot causing near "HONEY I've FALLEN & I CAN'T GET UP" episodes. Her necklace will make her position / location KNOWN.

Now to finish up supper. Sending all kinds of positive joo ju westward....

She's made it to Robinson flat! And departed Robinson Flat!!! Rider #68 (Faubel, Melinda)
Robinson Flat Arrived 7/24/10 11:30 am
Robinson Flat Departed 7/24/10 12:36 pm
36 miles down...just keep on...keeping on :)

Meanwhile...supper has been cooked, and eaten (and it was GOOD). Turkey meatloaf, baked potato, garden green beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Dishes done, and time to put the laundry detergent into containers. We had a number of plastic pails with lids out in the barn, Doug brought those in and I washed them and put my GRANNY'S BEST LAUNDRY DETERGENT in them. Exactly three gallons. Of course I had to test it so a load of sheets are just now spinning out in the washer. My dogs are dry from their baths and the fur is super soft and they smell so good!

HERALDIC is in the lead at the 60 mile point having departed El Dorado Creek checkpoint!

Oh I wish I was there.

SOME INTERESTING things about the front runners:

Heraldic and Logistic(this horse is currently seventh place as I checked the stats)
are both Patron grandsons and Statistic sons. (give me some of that bloodline woo wee!). LD Monique (currently in fourth place) is also a Patron grandgetB.
Patron was a Russion bred, three times Dutch National Champion and the sire of *Padron; US, Canadian and Dutch National Champion Stallion.Patron also sired *Abdullahhh, 1981 World Champion Stallion; and *Napitok, Canadian National Champion. Seems this line is incredible for tough endurance arabians as well .


Last Chance Arrived 7/24/10 2:40 pm

Last Chance Departed 7/24/10 2:46 pm 50 MILES.

Saying a little cosmic prayer for Mel and Farley.

They are still going....they have departed Deadwood at 4:21 pm 55 miles

It is 9:03 my time and HERALDIC is now one minute behind the front runner, Shannon Constanti,LR Bold Greyson who Departed Foresthill 7/24/10 5:02 pm at 68 miles. It will be hard to head off to my world of dreams and leave the Tevis behind. When I open my eyes in the morning people will have lived their dream, or met a humbling circumstance. But they all are winners, in that they PURSUE that dream, and live it. A non-horse person does not understand it, and a non-endurance person does not get the magic, the tremendous athletic effort these horse and riders put into this endeavor. To all of you...I get it, and I'm cheering you on, and off to dream of Tevis. ~E.G. (who will say a final prayer for my far away friend Melinda Faubel #68 who has just reached Michigan Bluff 62.5 miles, only 38 more to go girls!).

I'm up at 3:30 AM had to know...Heraldic has once again won the TEVIS

Mel and Farley are still on the Tevis Course: 79 MILES completed. Departed Cal-27/24/10 10:18 pm (21 more to go I'm teary, rooting them on...gonna need coffee soon).

Mel and Farley they have reached the River Crossing, 88 miles in, 12 more to go. God Speed. They are right in front of Karen C. and Bo.


  1. My Sasha's sire's sire has a pedigree very similiar to Heraldics. Out of the dam Statistika and by the sire Padron (a Patron son). And Sasha's dam is from the same dam line as Jayel Super. She is turning out to be a really nice girl. Will be two years old next Monday.

    My dream is the OD 100. Or any 100!Tevis is just so far away for me it probably ain't gonna happen.


  2. So a comment totally unrelated to the Tevis, but what recipes are you using for the soap making, i have only found glycerin recipes and they are super drying for my skin and hair. Thanks in advance!

  3. I just do an online search "how to make your own ___________" fill in the blank with laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo.

    The shampoo I made was using castille liquid soap, diluting with water, and adding fragrance. It worked fantastic on my dogs leaving their coat down soft. My hair however felt kind of lank. I'm thinking I may need to try a little white vinegar added in.

    The best soap I've made I ordered bulk olive oil soap base, melted that and added fragrance. I have found the oatmeal and glycerin bases not to my liking.

    This time I used Ivory bar soap, grated it, added 1/4 cup of water a little olive oil, and some organic aloe. The bars for my husband turned out nice. Mine which I hand pressed instead of molding I'm not so thrilled with.

    The laundry soap is non-sudsing, and the clothes smell clean like when you hang them out in the air to dry. I used Ivory bars grated, Borax, and Arm & Hammer Washing soda, with a little grated Fels Naptha, and water. It cured into a nice gel consistency. The initial ingredients were $27 but I'll be able to make about ten more batches (30 gallons of the stuff)so that will be a significant savings on laundry detergent alone.

    I'm also looking into making my own glass cleaner, dish soap, and bathroom cleaner. Just haven't got there yet. So many products we use in our homes just are not safe for repeated skin contact. The natural ingredients like white vinegar and baking soda clean and deodorize, they are cheap too.

    Check the DIY site they have lots of recipes :)

  4. Michelle,

    I think the OD ride is equally as elite a ride at Tevis based on reading things people have written. Just a different set of challenges. Out west elevation and terrain, here in the east elevation, heat & humidity, and ROCK. It would be interesting to hear what John Crandell has to say about the two rides as he has whipped both of them!

  5. I am so happy for Mel.. what a way to go out right before starting vet school... can't wait to read her ride story.... loved reading your blow by blow since I was unable to keep tabs!