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June 7, 2010

A decision of sorts.

Phebes and I haven't been having fun lately. The whole horse thing, and desire to ride LD is supposed to be F-U-N. Now it isn't really Phebes fault, she is what she is, and she knows what I've taught her and not much else. When I ride her at my "happy" pace (which is about 5 mph) life is good. When we speed up, things seem to happen. I really want to enjoy this horse. She is my girl...warts and all. I'm also a hot weather weanie. Every year I get heat exhaustion at least once. So I'm feeling I've met my quota. Phebes and I are going to spend the next few "hot" months just enjoying ourselves, and pleasure riding without much of any agenda other than maintaining a base of fitness, and working on the little things like smoother gait transitions, and riding in a relaxed frame. I will have the fall rides on our radar, but only if I'm riding the horse that makes me happy at that time. If not...then we will go have us some lessons. Really it is more important to me that we enjoy what we do more than just doing a lot of going to rides and feeling frustrated on some level each time. She is a sweet little horse, but her time clock isn't set on my time zone. So we are just going to have F-U-N. ~E.G.


  1. EG-

    Sounds like a good plan! This should be FUN for both of you, otherwise what's the point?


  2. Great idea, EG. Keep us updated!

  3. You know yourself and your horse best so do what is right for you both. That is what will make you both happy. But, don't forget to to keep on blogging!!!

  4. You know, I'll bet you have all kinds of fun having F.U.N.! Be sure to tell us all about it, okay?

  5. EG, I think that's a great decision! Afterall, what are pleasure horses for if not for pleasure! I do hope that you and Phebes have a much better relationship following the bonding/fun/stress free period! It can't be all work and no play, now can it? :)

  6. great decision, if it is not fun, then why spend the aggravation and money?

    IF it ever stops being fun, then I am unhitching the trailer and taking time off too!

    Good luck!

  7. I totally feel for you with the heat exhaustion. And I'm really glad to hear you're refocusing on the fun! This is a hobby and it's supposed to be fun.