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June 6, 2010

Boot Failure Aftermath

We started out yesterday on horseback Doug and I to search for the lost Easyboot Gloves. A half mile out we were hammered by a pop up thunderstorm putting down rain by the bucketful. Thunder rumbling...we decided to take the short cut home. Somewhere Cree cut his right rear hoof in the crease above the heel bulbs. The cut was about three inches long and fairly deep. Not in a place that would likely hold a stitches. Doug washed it out good and applied a liberal amount of antibiotic into and on the wound, covered it with a clean wool sock, then vet wrapped him and put him in his stall. This morning we put a glove over the bandaging and turned him out. This afternoon the wound looked nice and clean when we pulled the bandage off and the edges of the wound were sticking together (gapping yesterday). Though tender, nothing looked inflamed. So we treated it and wrapped him up in clean bandaging again. I figure this will be the ritual for awhile, just wish it would quit raining for awhile.

So today we set out on foot looking for the boots. Since I had no idea which route Phebes took on her dash home we had to cover all the little side trails too. Ironically I found three of the boots within ten feet of each other, about where she threw her tail in the air and put it into hyperdrive (about a hundred yards from where she unloaded me). So five miles of hiking in the muddy hills, and one horse injury later I am in possession of three easyboot glove shells, and NO INTACT GAITERS. I've sent off an email to Easycare to see if they will replace my gaiters on the three that I have since I only had about a half dozen rides on this set of boots. I'll continue watching for the fourth shell, but after two trips looking for it I don't hold out much hope. It probably flung off into the weeds somewhere. I didn't get any training done this weekend and have a full work schedule this week because someone is on vacation. The stars seem to be aligned against me. ~E.G.

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