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May 9, 2010

What a beautiful weekend it has been.

The weather has just been outstanding. Long sleeve weather yesterday, short sleeve today. We had a shorter ride today, and worked at smoothing out our canter. We are getting there but I tend to get her moving a little crooked. I figure it is something I'm doing wrong and trying to rationalize the mechanics of it. I found if I had my left leg a little more forward, and my right leg a little more back she straightened out. Also seem to need a little give and take contact on the rein or she wants to go into turbo blaster mode. We are able to canter a little longer stretch on the flat now before she or I give out. I'm also feeling a little less freaked out by the process and trusting her a little more (even though she attempted to buck me off when we started yesterday). Having some place to work really helps, although I have to ride several miles to get there.

The weather is calling for rain almost every day this week. I'm also working a longer schedule this week, so I guess I'll let her have some R&R until Friday. Let whatever healing might need to take place from this weekend happen, and then try to get another longer ride on her next weekend if at all possible. Would like two days back to back if I can get it done...~E.G.

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