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May 8, 2010

We had an AWESOME ride today.

A little over twelve miles. Windy and blowy again today, but she did great out there. We worked on sustained trotting, and also short hill intervals at the hand gallop, canter, and trot. I found a nice place to work that is about one third of a mile, circles a field, then goes up a crushed stone access road (rarely used) to another field. We trot the outer perimeter of the field and then take off when we hit the gravel. It is a tough little hill that starts out at a gradual incline and gets tougher, and tougher until you reach the top. Phebes did not act tired at any point today. She sure likes the cooler low humidity. So do I. The sheepskin seems to be doing its job really well. No rubs on my legs today at all. Nothing better for mother's day than a ride on your horse (hoping to go back out tomorrow). ~E.G.

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