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May 10, 2010

So nineteen days between us and Top of the Rock

How to maximize our conditioning program between now and then? My thoughts on the process is strength building exercises two or three days a week, and distance once. Much will depend on the weather (footing issue mostly). I was awake until almost eleven (that's late for me folks) rolling around how to get the most out of the next two weeks without wearing her down to the point of having no horse by the ride. The plan for the short rides is to increase our intervals while maintaining 6+ mph on the flat to gradual, then steep .50 mile grade. A quarter mile flat will be done at the canter, dropping to the trot for the hill climb, and then back to an easy canter as the ridgeline levels back out, transitioning back to the walk for a long steep downhill. Each session is 3/4 mile but we will do multiples. I'll increase the total laps gradually. After our training session last night she dropped a pulse to 40 bpm which indicates that we are finally making some progress. One session of LSD next week 15 miles, and the weekend after 18-20, then just limbering up well between then and T.O.R. ~E.G.

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