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May 21, 2010

Hill Intervals

The only handy hill we have is about a quarter mile steep grade that flattens out the farther you go. We are doing intervals there and one other location. She did four intervals. Working pulse was 170 bpm on the hill portion, only this time I'm only letting her drop to aerobic phase <125 bpm (previous session I was letting her go all the way down to 60 each time) before we pick up the trot again to go down the hill and turn around for a repeat. She was in aerobic phase every time by a count of ten seconds, so this particular hill probably isn't challening enough to build cardio at this point. Still a good workout, but I feel our other location with a canter around the field and then hitting the gravel hill is probably going to be more effective. If I boot her the footing should be safer too.

When we got home I sponged her down (pulse at 78 bpm) and at ten minutes she was chowing into a bucket of feed (pulse 56 bpm).


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