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May 25, 2010

Electrolytes and loose droppings

Over the weekend I tried a different brand of electrolyte on Phebes. She only had a half dose, but her droppings started looking like cow patties. Too much e-lyte? After her 40 minute break and a bunch of groceries and a different brand of e-lyte at half dose the droppings started forming back up. Is this normal with electrolytes? On the other hand she drank better after taking this brand, than the brand I've been using (because the dose was stronger?).

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  1. Might be she's having cowflops because there's an ingredient in the electrolytes that upsets her tummy (sugar, for example).

    Alternately, she could be consuming a heckuva lot more water than usual because of the electrolytes, and is eliminating some of it in her manure.

    Try checking hydration elsewhere in her body (skin tenting, gum tackiness, capillary refill, jugular refill) and if those are all good, then proceed with yellow light.

    If those other signs indicate decreased hydration (because she's dumping a bunch of fluid through the manure) it could be a potential red light, and might be a product to avoid in the future.

    I'm not a vet, but I've partied with a few....