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May 26, 2010

So we are about ready

Still the last minute loading, bathing, braiding, and electrolyting for the very hot haul to Henryville. All with the possibility that we might just be coming back home...Her legs have continued to improve, but still puffy above the fetlock joint on the left hind. She cares not about pushing, or prodding to the area, but it continues to bother me to distraction. If we do get the okay to ride she's wearing splint boots on the front, and pegasus boots on the hinds. I had planned to try my first LD completely barefoot (since we always train that way), but this episode has shaken my resolve concerning the added concussion up the leg and what good a hoof boot might do, I'm not entirely sure, but rattled enough overall, don't know if I will risk it. Phebes always pushes her boundaries at a ride, and this is going to be an extremely hot and humid ride (a weakness for both of us). Breathing deep. ~E.G.


  1. I think I missed when these swellings appeared but could they just be windpuffs?

    If so, I'm sure the vets will let her in just fine.


  2. Keep breathing, and drink LOTS of fluids! (both of you!)