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May 25, 2010

The tentative plan

Phebes still has the lumps between the tendons down low behind the cannon bone, and also right above the fetlock joint. No heat, no redness, no apparent unsoundness. I'm going to let those legs rest until Thursday and continue to cold hose the legs. I'll haul her to the ride, point them out to the veterinarian for his opinion prior to committing to the ride. If he or she says/ hmmmm....I wouldn't ride her. I'll haul her back home and schedule with a vet down here.


  1. E.G- what do you use for your arnica poultice? I need to poultice JB's "good" front leg and was looking for some advice.. I was going to email you but then couldn't seem to locate your email address.

    :) sorry to hear of the back issues on Phebes. That is really odd.

    Take care!

  2. yup, that's what I'd do. Except maybe I'd talk to the local vet first, because hauling to a ride is a 5+ hour thing (each direction). For you, not so far--right?

    Besides, camp is always good. If you don't ride, you can always pulse horses or something!

  3. It will only take me a bit over an hour to get there. I also drive very carefully so as not to jostle her around any more than necessary since she is not fond of the trailer experience.

    The arnica poltice is Doug's home brew. We use it on us for inflammation, and we use it on the horses too. He makes it from scratch, in an olive oil base. Very messy stuff, (but arnica is good for simple inflammation). There are many good (not messy)arnica gels -- do some google searching on the web, or find it at your local health food/ vitamin type store.