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April 9, 2010

The Ten Day Weather Forecast for Henryville, IN

You simply couldn't ask for better weather than we have in the current TEN DAY weather forecast for the upcoming ride next weekend.

DAY 1: Friday partly cloudy 71 degrees for the high and low of 53 degrees.

DAY 2: Saturday Partly cloudy 71 degrees for the high and low of 49 degrees.

DAY 3: Sunday Mostly sunny and 65 degrees for the high and a low of 44 degrees.

All days look we just do our training ride tomorrow, see what our times and pulse criteria look like, then decisions, decisions.


1 comment:

  1. WOW! We'll see if it holds out. This is spring isn't it?

    Laura and I are planning on riding Shazam and Stormy in the LD on saturday. I know there will be a ton of riders but our ride strategy will be to get out in front away from them all! If it all goes well we should be set to do a 50 at Top of The Rock. (we'll see!)

    I am planning on just doing a short easy ride sometime this weekend, and then giving them the rest of the week off until the ride. I like going in with a fresh horse.

    Hope your ride goes well tomorrow.