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April 10, 2010

The Best Laid Plans Run Amuck!

Things were going great this morning. Trailer packed, horse loaded, and I got in and started the truck. LSEGH always stands behind the trailer and checks that my brake lights, and turn signals work. I pushed on the brakes and the pedal suddenly went down to the floor...UH OH. Doug comes round and pops the hood and one of the brake cylinder wells is dry. He hurriedly unhooks the trailer and drives the truck to our local mechanic three miles down the road. (At this point hasty phone call made to Nicole whom I know should already be on the road to Versailles). Doug comes back and says no rear brakes, no trailer pulling today. (Another call to Nicole to see if she wants to ride over here, or go solo, and my most sincere apology given). Nicole rides solo. Our truck goes into the garage on Monday to replace the brake lines. This was all a terrible disappointment and an inconvenience because I wanted today's training ride as much as Nicole did, and the horses together perform better I think than the individual parts at times. However, I feel it is a considerable BLESSING that the brakes malfunctioned before leaving the driveway or Phebes and I would have been at serious risk going down the hill to the park. It could have been a really bad scenerio. So! Nicole's rode her ride at Versailles (I'll let her give her own report on that) and I'm heading out in a little bit to do mine here at home. trailer lights aren't working either and just paid to have the trailer re-wired about a month ago. :(


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