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April 9, 2010

The organizing and packing has begun

I'm working on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I'm hauling out for a training ride Saturday, and company coming on Sunday. !!!! Then Phebes will need at least a short ride each evening between now and our departure, no setting things up for over fed - underworked. My stuff is spread hither and yonder. My gas heater was in the shed, found a tote in the shed I didn't even remember I had, a tote in the spare room that has all my "kitchen" in it. I'm missing my little "bath" tote...have NO IDEA! Then digging out the first aid kit with banamine, bute, or whatever other post ride stuff I may need in an emergency, bandaids, desitin for her under fetlock area. Folded up her new rain blanket, took her rump rug out, and stowed it under my cot. Making lists of what I know I don't have in the trailer yet. The thing I need MOST are some warm weather clothes which mine all look like I pulled them out of a dumpster bin (I buy things for PHEBES and don't like buying for me), but I reckon I can hide out in my trailer *LOL* with a book if I have to.
Still undecided on the day I'll ride, and what I'll pack to eat though 3 PAYDAY candy bars are already in the food tote, along with BBQ Fritos, Gatorade, and RAISIN BRAN now isn't that a lovely food combination? (Oh, I forgot the nice kosher dill pickles are packed too). Sounds like a totally winning combination doesn't it?

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