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April 8, 2010


It's kind of like I LOVE MY TRUCK, only instead, the horse. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the longest, days of my week. No barn time, no Phebes time, no LSEGH time. Came home this evening at 7:30 just so completely over work. Blood pressure probably soaring to an all new high....pull into the driveway, kick off shoes, pull on boots, out to the barn to clean stalls...hmmm....not good. Fork, fork, and fork some more. Slam dunk BIG CREE in his stall, and we call for Phebes. All my girl was interested in was grass, grass, show me some grass, feed me some grass, hey! There is grass over there, I really LIKE grass, is that a different kind of grass? She was a furry mud ball, and probably could care less about me...but just being with her helped. Suddenly I am in the moment (feeding the little "tiffer" lips some GRASS). Animals are non-judgmental, they view us on their terms, they live in the NOW. Animals accept you just the heck how you are. People generally do not understand my horse focus, however, given a choice I'd spend my life with animals,working with them, and their simple needs, their total lack of contrived complexity. If an animal eats you it is because they are hungry. I can relate to that. If my horse does not give me what I want, it is because I do not know how to speak her language, not because there is a hidden agenda, or because she wants to hurt my feelings. I'm really missing my horse. I need some quiet trail time. ~E.G.

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  1. Wonderful post! I can totally relate. I would much rather spend time with my animals than I would with humans.