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April 5, 2010

Listen to your horse

Today was our first HOT day at 84 Degrees and the humidity at 60%. Indiana, you gotta love it. We go from freezing our butts off to combating heat exhaustion in what seems a twinkle of the eye. I thought I'd try a fast five mile this evening. I had no horse. I was lucky to squeeze out a trot. We got to the creek and I could feel her pulse and respiration under me. I do not have a hot weather horse. I brought her home and sponged her down and called it a day. She's had about 32 miles in the past week already. We are going to have a three or four day break for her to recoup. Think my horse was trying to tell me something, so I'm going to listen. We will eventually have to start working in the heat and humidity, we are both seriously handicapped by it. Say your prayers for a nice cool Chicken Chase. Nicole and I are currently plotting our goal for the training ride on Saturday. The result of that ride will determine pretty much what each of us will or will not do concerning the upcoming ride.

Does anybody out there know the driving directions to the out of camp check for the ride on Friday? If I ride that day I need to be able to tell my husband how to get to the vet check. ~E.G.


  1. GOOD LUCK! While you had 84 degree weather, i got 5 inches of snow :p

  2. Yeeeeah, not a lot of sympathy from my side of the mountains either. Extremely windy and blowing snow here!

    Go easy on her. Either she's fit enough or she's not, but you can't change it at this point. And go easy on yourself - I get heatstroke very easily and I know how much hot humid weather SUCKS!

  3. It was 92 here yesterday and since central GA is fairly swampy I don't even bother checking the humidity anymore. I know it will be hot and sticky all summer. You do make me wonder though... how do you get both yourself and a horse used to working through heat and humidity. I got Rose out yesterday at 4pm and after 15 minutes she was done. Sides heaving and looking back at me to ask "are we done yet?". Please let me know of what you find successful for you and Phebes.