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April 4, 2010

Hill trotting intervals today.

The footing is deep and sloggy again, really slows us down miserably. I have had only one ride since January that was reasonably paced. So I found the driest section I could and trotted consistently on the flats, and the uphills. Then we'd walk the big downhill, through the creek, and repeat. I didn't pay attention to how many trips we made through the field and up the hill, but we worked at it for about an hour. The rest of our ride was at the walk slogging through the deep mud. I'm very grateful that I have a place to ride out here, but do wish it could be dry enough to really work at getting up to an endurance pace. So far I've not had any luck slowing down her trot on trail. I've tried playing with my body position, but there is just so much "sprong!" that I can't post or sit. I have to stand, which makes me sort of bobbly and top heavy. If I lean back a little and hook a finger under my pad I quit bobbling, but it is still a very jarring uncomfortable ride. I'd think she wouldn't like it either? She only tried to break to a canter a few times, but I reversed her and made her do that section over at the trot which seemed to help. Our total mileage today was 9.5 with about half of it trotting uphill. Weather is "iffy" tomorrow, so I'll just have to take this week a day at a time. Have to transcribe Dr.'s notes tomorrow and have CPR Training on Tuesday. It will not be a stellar ride week, but I'll try to slip in an hour here and there where I can until Saturday. (Serious prayer to the great weather powers that be: Please give us a dry day on Saturday to ride). I was thinking of attempting the XYZ twice on Saturday which would be about 24 miles total . Do any of you think that is too much a week before Chicken Chase? Or should I just try to do it once at 12 miles and try to pick up the pace?

The footing is intermittent up and down hill (think rolling terrain), then one big long rocky grade up to a plateau, then back to rolling but mostly flat again. It has been awhile since we've ridden over there. The first section is pretty slow and you have to cross under the State Highway through a tunnel which is always fun. Coming back you have a step down section in the creek that is slippery, but other than that the trail isn't too bad. Just muddy old Indiana trail. I still need to call Nicole and see how she wants to ride it. ~E.G.


  1. You're just doing the LD at Chicken Chase, right? Why would you ride an LD the week before your LD? I say 12 miles is enough.

  2. I concur. Don't go too far or too fast the week before your ride. If she's going to be able to do Chicken Chase your conditioning time is up two weeks before the ride I say. I mean keep riding but it's not neccessarlily going to benefit you for Chicken Chase to do something real hard or real challenging.

    Except I know Versailles trails are not as tough as Clark State forest trails. But still I'd suggest not to do over 20 miles.


  3. Lots of good posts lately.

    You aren't going to gain any fittness for the race in the last 2 weeks leading up for the race. Good to keep the saddle time, but I presonnally wouldn't do any conditioning at this point. Better to error on the side of less at this stage in the game.