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April 24, 2010

Fortuitous Circumstances

Sometimes the Angels smile upon us...

Took Phebes out for some slow hill work today. The usual death defying slippery footing, but she was quiet and calm, and the paths were abloom with soft pastel blue bells, wild phlox, and mugswart, and other spring lovelies. But each time I picked up a trot I felt like I was on my tippy toes, barely keeping my stirrup. We were at a nice field (which we would canter through later) so I slipped to the ground and let her graze. Thought I'd raise my stirrups a notch as it seemed my leathers have stretched over the past year. It was a fortuitous circumstance that I did so, and discovered that the buckle had nearly eaten the leather completely away and my left stirrup was attached by a meer sliver of leather. Raising them a notch put us back on good leather, but had I not checked ??? And galloped down the logging road that edges the field? I raise my eyes at the heavens and say THANK YOU. ~E.G.

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  1. Hi E.G. - I just finally caught up on reading blogs. So here's a big tardy CONGRATS right at ya! Great job, and even got to stand for Best Condition! I think maybe Phebes' mama really was helping you along that day! I really liked that idea about braiding in a piece of her hair into Phebes mane. Anyways, looks like your back on track again.