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April 27, 2010

I am experiencing a "wrinkle" in my training plans...

...I'll keep you posted as things become more clear.

In the meantime we did do trotting intervals uphill tonight for about an hour, then finished up our ride just easy, slogging through mud most of the way home. Short, but a good workout for my girl who I was sure was lame going out today. But I discovered if she was pointed towards home she was smooth, and if pointed away she was just moving weird. So can you have a directionally "lame" horse? She wasn't head bobbing or anything like, just felt different and I couldn't determine where it was stemming from. All the way home she was fine at all three gaits, trotted up the road like a trooper barefoot on packed gravel...trotted out fine post ride. Total distance was 7.5 and we weren't in any big hurry, just trotted where the footing allowed us to safely. We jumped up a turkey, a white tail deer, and a raccoon. Phebes actually looked up at it in the pine tree! ~E.G.

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  1. Sounds like a nice ride! I love seeing turkeys.

    My gaited horse will only gait if we're pointed for home or we have company. On our solo rides, it's walk/trot the whole way out - and a really awkward stumbling trot, too! Once we turn around, it's a smooth floaty trot or a smooth rack.