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April 13, 2010

Another question about "away" vet checks

There is a possibility that there will be an "away" vet check, depending on my choice of ride days. What is the procedure for getting my stuff there?

Do I put water in her buckets before they go for that? Or do I send empties?

Do I put it on the truck? Or is there just a central "location" where they pick it up?

Can you send along a tote with your lunch and stuff in it?

It just occurred to me today that I have never done the away thing.


  1. I did one away vet check at Big South fork. I believe we sent water buckets empty or they had water there. (you will just need to ask when you are there). Then you need to condence all the stuff you want to send over (food for you food for your horse, hay, and anything else you really need) Write your name on it if you don't want to loose it. They will tell you where to put it at the ride meeting the night before. I'm sure. And everything else.


  2. Check with ride management, but the general procedure in my region is that you can send whatever you want to the outcheck.

    As an experienced driver of the rig, I encourage folks to package stuff compactly, and label it in some distinctive way (I wrap a purple plastic lei around the handle of my bag, but brightly-colored yarn will work just fine). Buckets can be sent empty unless the ride manager tells you differently.

    And...have fun!

  3. Last year when I scribed at CC I was at the away vet check and I followed Amy in her truck (w/ all the riders' gear in it!). It was piled HIGH and she had requested that if anything fell out that I pick it up!

    But when we got there about 10 people started pulling stuff off the truck and putting it out in the field like an endurance horse parking lot. Each bucket (all sent empty) got about 2/3 of the way filled with water and put with the stuff. There was a tank in the back of another pickup where you could get more water if you wanted, and also the stock tanks that were available to all horses to drink out of.

    Definitely do what you can like Michelle and Aarene said to make it clear what stuff is yours and that it goes together so you don't have to look for a bucket here, your hay there, and your lunch somewhere else! When you get into camp you'll just have to look around to try to find your stuff.

    Not that I've been on the rider side of it before!! but...I did help at the away check last Chicken Chase.

    How are you planning to determine which day you ride??

  4. Uhhhh....which day to ride? That seems like such an easy decision.


    Plan A: Ride on Friday

    Plan B: Ride on Sunday

    Absolutely WILL NOT RIDE SATURDAY in that horrible crush of a bizzillion horses. May do a Saturday ride later in the season when I'm sure she has some brain cells working, but not right now. Besides, anyone riding on SATURDAY competes against Michelle D! *LOL* (just kidding Michelle, but really, you amaze me).

  5. haha, you will not see me giving you any grief over having a hard time deciding which day to ride!!!

    I'm going to go see if the forecast has been updated. I need a better prediction on what time friday's thunderstorms were supposed to come through!

  6. I do hope that either you or Nichole or both of you ride Friday and give an update before I go to bed Friday night. I still don't know for sure what the official start time is for the LD on Saturday. (I've emailed Amy a couple times and haven't heard back from her yet.)


  7. Nicole,

    50% Chance of Thunderstorms on Friday from 11:00 AM on. The first half should be dry, but the coming back half will be a crap shoot.

    Rain chances here at home are much worse than Henryville.