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April 13, 2010


When coming in at the halfway we head straight to the pulse checker.

Next stop has always been straight to the vet. BUT!

So at the halfway...Do I have to go straight to the vet? Does it effect our out time if I first cool her off and get her eating and drinking and THEN GO TO THE VET?
I've always taken her to vet immediately after pulsing, but she has an empty tummy at that point, and her gut sounds are crummy. I've done it this way because it is how my mentor did it, but is it a RULE that you go straight from pulse check, to vet check?

For those going to Clark the updated weather is calling for 40% chance of Thunderstorms on Friday afternoon (2pm or later) Saturday will be nice in the low 70's, and Sunday will have a nip in the air with a high of 67 degrees. And no...I still haven't decided the day I'll ride :(



  1. I believe you are supposed to go straight to the vet after you pulse down. But after you come in and get your in-time. You have 30 minutes (I think) for your horse to pulse down. So I always let my horse drink, sponge my horse, etc. before going to get her pulse. We usually shy from eating because it will elevate there pulse, or so I hear. But I have came in so slowly that I let my horse eat grass before I come into the in-timer. I always get off and walk way before coming in. And let the horse take a few bites of grass. If it's available and I think the horse wants to eat it.

    I always keep a bucket of water by the pulse area for drinking and one for sponging.


  2. Your out time is determined solely by your pulse time. You absolutely don't have to go straight to the vet, while most people do its not required. I think you have to present within 30 minutes or something but that's it.

  3. No, you don't have to go straight from P&R to the vet. I wanted to let Dixie eat and I didn't vet her til halfway through the hold - I don't think it made any difference to her gut sounds.

  4. Doesn't sound like much rain even if you do get any. My vote is for Saturday, but that is purely selfish. I want to be there to cheer you on. :-) But you need to pick the day that is best for you and Phoebes!