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March 26, 2010

Me and my nasty little mud ball are packed and ready to go

She is so caked in mud and dirt it will take half the evening to get even some of it off. She is in a lovely mood, having already threatened to bite me today TWICE. Mares in heat, gotta love it...NOT REALLY.

My dogs bought (actually Doug but he always gives me something for mother's day from the fur babies) me a lovely blanket for Phebes. The under lining is WATERPROOF, the outer shell is 600 Denier Cordura WATER RESISTANT. I'm wondering if I could get a can of the water proofing spray and treat the outer shell to get it to shed water too? It is lovely blue camo! I was worried that we'd get to the ride and have cold rain set in and freeze my girl who is very much allergic to being wet/cold. Can't say I blame her, wouldn't want to spend my night out in the rain without a rain coat...~E.G.

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