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March 26, 2010

This thing called ENDURANCE

Mel said: "So I want to hear from you - why is endurance the best sport ever? What motivates you to keep trying even though, perhaps it hasn't been the easiest journey?"

~E.G. replies: It is incredible how long this journey has been for me. The first Endurance News landed in my mail box in 1986. I had a perfectly PERFECT Arabian standing in my barn lot at the time, but I was a stay at home Mom in rural Indiana, struggling to make ends meet, in a difficult marriage, and to begin was just not in the cards for me. I kept that single issue of Endurance News for TWENTY, yes....TWENTY years. The little "I wish I could" tucked into the back corners of my mind. The husband became an EX, which resulted in my re-homing my horse as I struggled to keep my girls warm, fed, and in school. I could no longer own a horse, but would go to the county fairgrounds each summer so I could breath in that lovely smell, touch them, and dream of things that would not be. Little girls take priority over horsey dreams. Fast forward a couple of decades. Daughters are grown, living on their own. I have acquired a non-horsey husband. We live on a ragged little farm that has seen better days. Cleaning out the cedar chest one day I happen across my copy of The Endurance News. Something just ignites inside of me. Yeah....I'm pushing 50, overweight, don't have a barn (we just tore the decrepit thing down), but maybe, just maybe I can do this at least once. I handle the old magazine with something like reverence, and feel that perhaps I will do something for ME, something totally selfish and longed for. And the rest is pretty much chronicled here on my blog. It has been the most difficult and beautiful journey...this thing called Endurance.


  1. And you will do it. You will be doing 50's very soon! I love this sport because so many "older" women and men excel at it.

    I don't have the time or money to do as many rides as I want too either. But my time will come when I'm older. At least that is what I'm hoping!


  2. Awesome, EG. What a wonderful post--made me get a little misty.


  3. You're an inspiration even to those of us starting out much younger...there are always so many excuses that get in the way of our dreams. You're a great example of getting past and just DOING! Thanks and have fun!

  4. I really loved that comment. I'm glad it's finally you time!

  5. Inpiring story - thanks for sharing!