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March 7, 2010

Endurance Dining Menu...

Would love to know what you pack to eat for the weekend. Especially stuff that is easy to store in a cooler, has little to no prep time, and tastes good. Breakfast especially is a struggle for me. I HAVE TO have COFFEE. At least one big mug, maybe two. I'm not a good morning person at all. In fact none of you would like me in the morning as I'm one of those people who shuffles off and wants to be alone until the caffiene kicks in. I need a breakfast that can hang with me. tastes especially yummy.

At the half way I so far have been ravenous but also a little queasy at the same time. So I'm open to ideas on that too. The one thing that tasted best to me that I remember was a cold bottle of V-8 juice (on a hot day). Maybe warm tomato soup on a cold day?

Off to check out coolers and hot thermos online. ~ E.G.


  1. I'm a big fan of pre-making dishes to keep in the cooler -- egg salad, pasta salad, potato salad. Then you take out as much or as little as you want at a time and toss the rest back in the cooler for later. Other favorites include cheese cubes, pre-sliced fruit, and salty chips (especially in hot weather). I usually end up with enough pre-made dishes to share with others.

    In my saddle bag I carry Cliff bars which are my favorite on-the-go nutrient-dense snacks.

    I haven't gotten to the point where I can eat a normal breakfast on ride days. I'm doing good to choke down a slice of bread. I have found that I rather like Matzo crackers with Laughing Cow cheese spread on them. It's relatively easy for me to eat when my stomach's in knots.

    My palate is all about texture on ride day. I absolutely cannot eat a banana first thing in the morning - the texture makes me want to hurl. I can't swallow it!

  2. Never skip Breakfast! Has always been my motto. Even at rides I force myself to eat. (Because I'm never hungry at rides.) But I ALWAYS bring my bran flakes and a little container of milk. PB and J with whole wheat bread for lunch and usually dinner too unless I stop and buy a 6 inch sub the day before. Granola bars, carrots, apples, mabye yogurt for snacks. Just water to drink. Should get vitamin water or such but usually don't spend the money on it. Plus, I can drink regular water I don't need anything sweet in it.

    I definately don't need caffine I'm hyper enough as it is. And I'm a morning person for sure!

    I'm planning on doing a LONG ride this weekend. (of course plans change but I hope not). Laura came out yesterday, but can't come out this weekend. Shazam was a prancing, racing maniac. But I sort of like it! We may go to Versailles or Clark the last Saturday of the month. But we will be MOVING and doing A LOT of miles!


  3. Hi E.G.!
    Yesterday I made sandwich wraps! Whole grain wraps, Deli sliced Ham, romaine lettuce, tomato, a little onion... Also packed a portable cup of orange slices. Water... Had such a good time riding, I fogot hungry to eat! :)

  4. I don't suffer from a queasy stomach at rides, and really most anything sounds delish to me. My first ride, Wayne made bratwurst at the first check. They were sooo good. I felt like the protein and additional salt helped quite a bit in the heat, and nothin' beats a good Johnsonville brat with spicy mustard and 'kraut. Mmmm....

    The last ride I did I pre-made a bunch of pasta salad. Now that I've given up carbs, I don't know if I'll do this again, but it was good and hit the spot. My other favorite ride snacks include tunafish on crackers and lots of gatorade. I always like things like oranges and bananas at checks, and there's an added bonus if you can sandwhich a banana or two in your ice boots so it's chilly.

    Good luck!


  5. Oh Elly....*LOL* I'm with you on the oranges and bananas but honey you lost me on the bratwurst (especially since I'm home today with a stomach virus).

    You must have a stomach of iron :)

  6. Michelle,

    Are you and Shazam gearing up for a winning 50? Prancing and dancing can be fun if it is under control. You're so tiny he probably doesn't know he's carrying a rider!


  7. Keep the yummy ideas rolling, I'll be able to pack a cooler right yet.


  8. Oh, EG! Maybe next year! I think I will just do an LD on him for his first ride. Silly of me to think otherwise. But I'm planning on doing close to 20 miles here at home this coming weekend. If it doesn't rain. The longer distance may just smarten him up and he'll stop the prancing, or not.


  9. Great question Jacke. I love reading about what others eat on a ride!

    I'm a newbie, so I'm still figuring out what works, but this is what I have so far...

    Breakfast - oatmeal or kashi bar, coffee/tea, OJ. I usually just do the General Foods instant coffee that has the sugar and cream already in it. Less to carry around.

    *Kashi bars of any kind
    *apple & peanutbutter
    *pre-made pasta salad - if you put cheese, deli meat, veggies - it's a complete meal (This is what I bring if there is a ride dinner and we have to bring something to share.)
    *Bumble Bee makes these great tuna kits with premixed tuna and crackers in different flavors - lemon pepper, spicy thai, and sundried tomato. I also like their good ole fashioned one with mayonaise. And they even have packs that include fruit and a cookie. :-)
    *Ramen noodles
    *Dinty Moore beef stew
    *dried nuts & fruit
    *chocolate for a quick fix
    *hummus with carrots/celery for dipping
    *cheese & crackers

    Saddle Pack:
    I usually carry a tuna kit (they are in a nice protective plastic container), kashi bar, apple, carrots. Most of which (except tuna kit) can be munched on while I ride down the trail. :-) I also carry home-made horse cookies and alfalfa cubes for my horse. Sometimes I share my apple and carrots with him too.

    Can't wait to see what other ideas there are.

  10. I think he'll end up making you a 50 mile horse. Train him on the LD's and then don't look back. I don't know....I've just got a feeling about this horse. Wish someone had donated him to ME! He's straight egyptian right? But everything about his build reminds me of those stocky little CMK's. Good bone, short back, and one heck of a hind motor on that horse. He definitely acts like he is domininent minded (at least from what I got to observe) all good traits for what you do.

  11. Well, I'll definitely be adding pasta salad to the short list. It actually even sounds good when I think of hot weather.

    Dinty Moore is good too, I've done that one and have it on my approved list.

    If you all are still tuned in ...lets have a little discussion on the hold. What are you eating there if it's gonna be cold, and what if it's going to be hot?

    So far my menu for the hold consists of a v-8 juice. Doug has always brought me a subway for the hold, and I've always ate it, but it doesn't look appealing, even though after I get about halfway through it starts tasting good.

    The last ride I'd have given $20 for a hot mug of soup to thaw me out. I was riding in shirt sleeves which is my usual and it didn't bother me until we stopped and I was FREEZING. Couldn't wear Doug's warm jacket because we threw it on Phebes rump under her blanket to further warm her up as she was shivering.

    There is a lot to know to do this thing...every time you ride you figure out something else you didn't know, should of done, or wish you did!

  12. Elly,

    How do you give up CARBS?

    ~E.G. (who wishes she could keep a carb down right now).

  13. I had the stomach flew about a month ago. Good thing is the really bad part only lasted about 5hours. I felt a little bad the next couple days but thank goodness the diarreaha/vomiting was short. I feel for you.

    I have the same feeling about Shazam. He's everything you say and then some. And he's smart and he takes care of himself! He loves to eat and drink. The only downfall I've seen on this horse is eating his food too fast and choking. He's done that to me a couple times now! I think I need to start soaking his food some. When I seen his for sale ad and pictures. I said to myself I have to have that horse! But she was asking $1500 for him. I spoke to her about him but that was it and Thanksgiving came and went and I figured for sure he had been sold. Finally, got the okay from my husband that I could get another horse but that we had no money to put out for a big purchase price. I don't know what I did to convince his owner, but apparently it worked!


  14. I've been limiting the carbs too, since last Nov. I usually like to take PB and J sandwichs and eat them all weekend at rides (I camp in my trailer so cooking is limited). I don't know how I'm going to make up for those sandwiches and would love to hear other low carb ideas!

    I also like:
    balance bars (high protein, low carb)
    raw almonds
    fruit and nut mixes
    starbucks Via instant coffee
    turkey jerky

    Karen W.

  15. I just did 2 weeks - no sugar, no grains. I found a couple of books really helpful. You'll find them on my blog. I need to update it with the results of the 2 week experiment which worked for what I was trying to do and I lost 3 pounds which I wasn't trying to do. When you are not eating all those carbs, you have to eat a lot of food just to get enough calories. :-) The trick for me was having lots of food and snacks prepared that I had no excuse to eat things I wasn't supposed to. It does take a lot of time and its a little hard on the grocery bill.

  16. Here's my plan for my next 100 mile. Go to the deli section of the grocery store. Order 1/2 of a plastic container of every dish that I can swallow without chewing. buy or make a subway sandwich and cut into small speices and place in a baggie. Put it in a small cooler and tape shut and send with my crew bag.

    I'm planning on stuff like jello salad, egg salad, pudding, crab salad, macaroni salad etc etc.

    I *could* make this myself but I never ever have time and as a result my menu will suffer unless I just break down and buy the ride food.

  17. Instant coffee for breakfast, and since you are already boiling water- instant oatmeal it fast and easy to get down!
    Lunch- pb&j, tuna kits, fruit, beef jerky, hot dogs.
    I keep one water bottle of water and one of 100% fruit juice diluted with water. I carry an apple and carrots to share with the horse. I think next time I am going to carry a snickers bar- calorie dense, guaranteed yummy!
    For dinner, we usually do steaks and foil potato/carrot/onion packs on the first night. We have done Target brand macaroni that you just add water to and it was good. Canned corn is good- I like it with salt and pepper cold or hot. S'mores, always.
    My FIL is sending us a box of rations/camping food that you just add boiling water to cook- I'm curious to see how well those work out!