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March 7, 2010

We just loosened up from the hill work yesterday.

We schooled for a half hour or so. Then she got her hooves rasped. Then we did a slow little pleasure ride just to loosen her up. Easy day, we SURE need some long sessions of trotting *insert sad & whiney face*. She just isn't safe on the road, and the footing is too deep (pastern deep or worse) to move out on our trails. If we can get a few more days like we've had things should perhaps try to dry out. Then we can head out back and trot for a couple of hours at a time. I have moments I feel confident we can make it through a slow Chicken Chase, then suddenly panic sets in and I worry we will go over time. I know over time isn't the end of the world but I want my ride dollar to count, and to get credit for what miles we do. Slow is fine, but I want us to finish. My friend Chris isn't going as she doesn't think her boy can't do it with only five weeks left to get ready. Yikes! Work is asking a bit more of me right now. I NEED TO RIDE RIDE RIDE!

Tomorrow my horse trailer is going to the service place to be greased, bearings packed, and the brakes, wiring, and flooring checked. Swept it out today. Got my new tags put on today (thank you LSEGH) , and will renew my US Rider at the end of the month. All I'll have left to do on that end is clean out all my stuff, sort what is necessary and get rid of the surplus items. Launder all the bedding and bag it, and get some organization going on. I'd like to become a more effecient camper/traveler. That is one nut I have not begun to crack. A new cooler is something I really need. One that will HOLD so the ice won't melt in the first 24 hours. Especially if I'm going to be camped for three days at a whack.

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