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February 2, 2010

I should take out stock at Running Bear....

Just ordered another of those thin Endurance Bridles before they were all gone. Got her silver as the colors they had left wouldn't have looked good with her odd coat color. I like the black one I got from them so much...and Phebes likes the bit hanger process much better than the bridle I was using.

If anyone needs a simple racing bridle in royal blue or black I have them for sale for $25.00 each. They will only fit a small arabian head though. The hardware is stainless steel, they are very light, very thin, beta from Moss Rock Endurance. These will work with a hackamore or a bit, and are made so the bridle is well clear of the eye (which I liked). ~E.G.

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  1. What a coincidence. I just ordered from Running Bear yesterday. I got that quick bridle. It's a seperate halter and bridle. I needed a third bridle now that I have the new horse. I just got the clearance one that was $40, in red this time. I have a blue one. Should have just bought yours though. But I do like having the beta halter better than a rope halter underneath.

    Running Bear orders usually come pretty quick. Wish my renegades would.