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January 8, 2010

Running Bear has a sale on Endurance Bridles

Photo by Running Bear/Catalog EB-Lite

These are on clearance for $35.00 and include bit hangers and will also work with an S-Hack. I've ordered one in black. I think they have a few left in violet, green, black, yellow, and silver (I was tempted to get silver). It could be used as is, or a racing bridle with brow band could go over the halter instead of using the bit hangers. That way you could just slip off the racing bridle and you'd have the halter already on. I'm going to try the bit hangers with my S-Hack and see how it goes. What I liked was how thin the straps are...less weight, less bulk. Looks pretty on an arab head, or in our case a hybrid arab/saddlebred head. ~E.G.


  1. Ooooooooh.

    Have you seen them in person before? How adjustable are they? Dixie has a typical big gawky TWH head, but it'd be totally awesome if those worked out for her.

  2. Email:

    If you give him some measurements I'm sure he will let you know if it would fit. I think it adjusts across the crown also which gives you a little more latitude with fit.

    They have some of their other bridle styles on clearance also for under $50 so one of those might work too.

  3. I had to giggle when you called Teddy at Running Bear a "he". Teddy is a she. I've seen her at quite a few rides. She has been at Clark quite a lot with her trailer full of stuff. Must never have been there when you were.

    Did you see the forecast for next week?? 40's are a coming. It will be a heat wave. And mud bath. But I"ll take the mud in exchange for some end to this cold madness.


  4. Nope! Never met Teddy, but I stand corrected *LOL* My S-Hack came from them as did the noseband, but I've only dealt with them by mail order. A red nose band for the hack is on my rather extensive wish list.

    I was suprised you are parting with your caged stirrups. Mine have deflected me from too close trees a few times, saving my knees in the process. I like the freedom of being able to wear any kind of footwear I like in them and not worrying about my foot slipping through. Used the wide platform type stirrup prior to my Easyride with cages and did have some issues with foot hang up in those when dismounting. Was glad to get rid of them. Funny how one person's thrill is another's for sale item.

  5. After I wrote that and got all excited (OOOH! Shiny new horse toys!) I realized I should probably wait for the convention and see what people bring to sell. Convention's only a month or so away, and I can bring measurements for my current bridle with me. I will be good and wait, I will, I will!

  6. I received my Endurance Bridle (halter with bit hangers) from Running Bear today. Was at first a little disappointed when I pulled it out of the package. It looked used...but in all honesty I think it was just very dusty from being on the shelf. Doubt that black is all that popular of a color with endurance riders. I cleaned it up, and re-adjusted it and took it out and tried it on Phebes. It fit her really nice (the halter part). I've not tried it with the hack on it yet but suspect it will be fine. Once it warmed up it wasn't stiff anymore to the touch. A few of the straps were turned funny so I threaded those out and got them straightened out. It appears to be well-made, has overlay on the noseband (also black). The halter part adjusts on both sides of the crown which really helps with the fit. The strap under the jaw also unhooks which opens it up and makes it very easy to slip on. It does not have a brow band. For those with horses with bigger heads it had a lot of adjustment room. Once I got it adjusted where I wanted it on Phebes I just cut the extra strapping off for neatness (don't want that stuff rubbing going down the trail).