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January 7, 2010

Winter snows moving in...

I am blissfully off work today. We have snow moving in today so I expect to be locked in for the new few days.

Ordered my electrolyte syringes yesterday and a neoprene protector for Phebe's breast collar. (More excitement *LOL*)

Crestridge Saddlery returned my email with the information that as suggested I can indeed saw off the horn from my saddle. It is a frightening prospect but will be done before spring. They said I could use a dremmel to smooth out the remainder level with the pommel. That done I think I could just slap on a little black paint and be good to go!

That is all the news. ~E.G.


  1. So the whole sawing off the horn process comes with pictures right???? :) Now that has GOT to be interesting.

    I agree - ordering and waiting for new horsey stuff is exciting. I'm saving up for a new haf pad so no purchases in the near future for me! unfortunately.

  2. You don't need a new pair of stirrups do you? Maybe you know someone who does? But I found I have one pair too many. I will sell my nylon E-Z ride stirrups with cage for $60 (2 inch top bar). Or my Flex Rider Stirrups with cages for $90 (they can be used with either 1" or 2" leathers). That includes shipping to lower 48 states. They are used but still in great shape.

    michelle detmer
    madetmer @ juno . com

  3. You will LURVE not having a horn anymore. Horns just give you a convenient place to hang your junk, plus as a bonus they stab you in the stomach and snag your shirt and/or bra when dismounting. I have a couple of loose straps around the pommel, hanging off to either side. I can snap camera bags, water bottle holders, and carabiners on the straps and keep my junk handy that way. And my saddle doesn't try to make me flash everybody!

  4. You're braver than I. I can see the mess I'd make of the horn. I may do a little endurance this season. There are 4 or 5 rides pretty close. It will be good for Maisa Fahim. I'm going to pick the Doubt we'll do Chalk Rock this year.

  5. I'd just whack it right off ASAP. But that's just the spontaneous, messy person I am.