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January 9, 2010

Good Deals on Endurance Paraphanalia

Long Riders Gear
Electrolyte Syringes 6/ $14.75 Mine were delivered and look to be good quality. They recommend mixing your e-lytes in pureed carrots or yummy yogurt. I can see how yogurt would be a good buffer for the stomach and also help to rebalance lost flora in the gut.

Stage Coach West
Little S Hackamore for $39.99 It is my understanding that you can remove the rope noseband on these and replace with a beta noseband. These come in arab size and normally sell for about $45-$75.

From the Distance Depot

Toklat Interference Boot from The Distance Depot $19.99 (black only).

Gator Grip Gloves from The Distance Depot These come in various colors and sizes for $25.00

Equitag from The Distance Depot This tag braids into your horse's mane for identification purposes in case you are separated from your horse. $4.00

Bucket Covers for $10-13 at The Distance Depot I'd love to get me a few of these for my buckets at the vet check.

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  1. I use shower caps as bucket covers. They fit most buckets and are cheap!