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November 15, 2009

Working on lighter gear for next year.

The past two weeks I've done very little riding. Giving Phebes an opportunity to put on weight for a nice fat cover come winter. She went into winter last year a little lean, and was shivering at times. This year she will start out a little chubby. So since I haven't been riding I've been thinking about lightening up her load for next year. She really isn't a very big horse at 14.2 hands, very fine boned. Having given up the battle of ME losing weight, although I wish it to be so...I'm looking at changing out her gear.

Since my few riding lessons have me feeling reasonably balanced for the first time, I'm going to try an english saddle again. Have a 12 lb. Wintec VSD here with the X-Wide gullet in it. It is not the Euro-lite that I long for, but it is light, and should be easy to keep clean. Still have my skito pad which is very light. Need to invest in a good breast collar, and I'm lacking an English girth to fit it. Have been scratching my head trying to figure out how to get dee's put on the back of an english saddle. It doesn't look like this can be done easily, but apparently people do or they wouldn't have all their gear strapped on the saddle. I have a western cantle pack that is really nice, and if I had two side dee rings I could snap it on using the scissor clips. All I plan to carry in it is an extra boot, and soft yummy hay.

I'll ride it all winter and try to get myself as comfortable in it as I was the heavier saddle.

The treatment for scratches continues. Making progress again. This is the hardest stuff to clear up I've ever seen. Hoped to avoid giving her a drug for it, but may have to just go ahead and do it. She's had no lameness issue with it, just crusty scabby stuff. ~E.G.

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  1. No dees on my saddle. My cantle pack hooks onto the billet straps of my saddle. Maybe there is a way you can rig yours up to do the same. Mine has long velcro straps that go from the cantle, wrap around the billet strap and velcro back onto itself. Once the pack is on, I can strap all kinds of things to it.