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November 17, 2009

Listing some tack items for sale on the sidebar

Likewise if you have any for sale I'd be happy to post those up as well for you. ~E.G.


  1. Any one wanting to sell gently used size 00 Renegades or Bares size 00 or close to that. Let me know.

    I have a blue pommel pack. Endurance type. It is the Deluxe Stoway model. It has lots of room for stuff. 2 water bottle holders, a bag on top for rider card, goodies, and I can squeeze a spair easy boot into it. It does not bounce!It has 2 velcro closers and 4 long straps to secure it down. I want $45 for it plus shipping. Barely used.

    Michelle Detmer
    madetmer @ juno dot com

  2. Also for sale. Hunt style breast collar. Purchased from Running Bear 2 years ago. Their deluxe model. It is beta black with royal blue overlay. $75 still in great condition. Haven't used it since I've had Stormy. She only needs a crupper. Can send pictures.

    madetmer @ juno dot com