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November 12, 2009

Easyboot Gloves: All terrain, incredible hoof boot.

I know that some of you use various kinds of hoof boots and struggle with boots coming off in muddy conditions. If so...I strongly encourage that you give the Easyboot Gloves a try. I've been hock deep in mud before and came out with my Easyboot Gloves intact. Last weekend Doug rode his horse Cree wearing the Gloves, he accidently stepped into a bog that literally sunk Cree up to his knees in deep sucking mud. Cree came out of the bog with boots (muddy) ON. I have done some tough training rides in them, cantering, trotting, and always MUD MUD MUD, the Gloves stay put. I have not had any rubbing issues from the gaiters either. The key is to get the right size for a snug fit. If you are marginal on fit, try the Power Strap to further snug up the boot. The Easyboot Glove is lightweight, easy on, and easy off unlike older models of boots. I can put four Easyboot Gloves on in the time it took to apply one of the older model boots. Taking them off is incredibly easy. Fold down the gaiter, twist, and pull the boot off. Clean up? I hose them down, and actually throw them in the washer on "gentle", they come out looking fine (please note that this is not in the Easycare line of instructions...but it works for me). To make them look shiny and new? Armour-All or other product intended for your vinyl dashboard, and they become all nice, and shiny again. It is my hope to have her booted all around next season and try, try, again. ~ E.G.


  1. We were in hock deep much as well and sometimes cantered thru it before we could slow the horses down. Jazz's Renegades NEVER came off. We took them off at each vet hold to hose them off and sponge off her legs, then put them back on. I'm very impressed with them as well. I think I am going to get one size smaller (00) for Stormy and get a bright color. Once I get my birthday and christmas money. I know how to adjust them better now too. And if they do come off or break all the parts are replacable. The one I broke, I should be able to fix for less than $10. Jazz had Epics on her hinds that came off on the first loop. Lost. And I lost one renegade and another epic sized for STormy. So I left quite a bit of money in the mud out on that ride. It's almost impossible to find a black boot. I have to buy a boot that comes in red or orange. Plus, they are alot easier to check and see if they are still on (from the saddle) if they have some color to them.

    Michelle Detmer

  2. It's nice to know that there are 2 good boot options out there - renegades and gloves - depending on how your hoof is shaped (not disparaging the uses of the other boots out there, just for endurance, these seem to be the best). I think if the renegades didn't work for me, I would also look at the easy boot edge.

    EG - here's a repost of the comment on my blog in response to your question (wanted to make sure you got the information):

    Endurance Granny - the book title is "The Racehorse Owner's Survival Manual". He has written several books, most of which are out of print and VERY hard to find.

    I have also read his "Bowed Tendon Book", which is also very very good.

    In general his books are a bit repititive and you have to do some reading to find the gems. ie - you can't just skim and find them, most of the most helpful tips I've found in his book have been one liners nestled between things I really didn't care about. :)

    I'll repost this comment on your blog so that I'm sure you got the info!

  3. Thanks Mel....I'll keep watching for a cheap well-loved copy.

    On the topic of the Easyboot Gloves, if you have actually used them I'll post up your commments. If you are running on hear-say...Nope! There are myriad problems with that. Did they size the boot properly? Did they attach the gaiter tightness as instructed? I in fact have used them, had the best ride of my life in them, and will continue to be in the cheering section until the boot proves me wrong, which it has not. I am open to hearing the good about other types of boots as that is informative and good information, as our horses hooves and very individual and what works for one, may not for another. Hence, I will not offer critical remarks concerning Renegades because I in fact have not used them. Can't see any reason to at this point as I'm so happy with the Easyboot Glove. Easyboot has enough empirical evidence testing this product at some very prestigious rides, so the boot is working well at that level for some. In fact the horse "MONK" won the AERC national ride wearing the shells glued on, and if I remember correctly they use that boot all the time (sans gaiter).