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October 11, 2009

Thank the good Lord for Lida and Doc!

Photos by Lida (she should sideline as a ride photographer)

Lida hauled down nearly two hours to ride with me today. She had nice new easyboot gloves on him 4X4. We were in a lot of deep sloggy mud today and the boots stayed put. I was impressed with how well they stayed. In fact she had a gaiter that bit the dust ripping nearly in two, still the glove stayed on. Amazing...

Doc has me completely sold on Saddlebred horses. The more I see them, the more I like them. Doc's gait on trail always looks so effortless, and those long legs really cover ground.

Lida tried her Wintec Dressage saddle on Phebes. She had the gullet widened on it to fit Doc. It was the most perfect fit I've seen on Phebes. So the Wintec wide would likely be a good fit for Phebes where the Wintec we had was not. As I continue lessons I'd like to get another saddle so may go back to the Wintec as it would be more affordable than the International (which I really like but...$$$$). Plenty of time to think on that, but the fit was really REALLY good. The first time I've seen free clearance at her shoulder. I told Lida not to turn her back or I'd be riding a Wintec Dressage *wink*.

So nice to get out in the bright fall sunshine. Great to ride with a new friend :)



  1. I love LOVE LOVE (!!!!!!!!!) my wintec endurance saddle! I ride 2 different horses and was tired of the two saddles, two sets of stirrups (since the endurance ones cost about $70 a set), and two airs of Webber's, I finally bought (yup, I bought it by MYSELF, how many 15 year olds can say that!) My Wintec Endurance Pro, and then a sheepskin cover for it!

  2. Glad you're having beautiful weather to ride in! & good company! Lida seems like a real nice gal!

    I had to write and agree with you about Doc! Doc, is oober cool!! :)

    I LOVE my saddlebred mare, Bling! Everytime I ride her I am surprised & amazed by her! So thankful for the chance to have her!

    And saddles... well, I started out with my Wintenc Pro Endurance saddle (w/the changable gullet & Cair pannels) I've had it probably 7-8 years now & still love it above all others!

    I bought a Specialized for Bling because I thought I was going to need the extra security... but think I will probably be going back to using the Wintec on her...

    ...I use it on TAZ for now.


  3. Jacke,

    Thanks for the sweet comments! I enjoyed riding with you and Phoebes. It was worth the drive!

    I'm tickled pink that you like Doc. Of course, I am a little biased, but I don't think there is anything like trotting on a saddlebred. One day, Doc will show you his extended trot. It is a real treat for me to ride and apparently for other people to watch. I'd love to get some video of him floating down the trail. It certainly is a RUSH to ride.

    Hope to see you at Spook Run in a couple of weeks.