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October 12, 2009

**Sigh** Now scratches on her left hind

Photo by Lida

I was thrilled to see the fronts looking pretty well cleared up after several weeks of treatment, only to pick up her left hind and thought she had dried mud back there. WRONG. She is not a good girl about her hind feet. She is tolerant as long as no discomfort is involved, but try to get those scabs off and you will likely get cow kicked. She'll warn you, then she will let you have it. So I had to improvise with "the scrubbing stick" that I save from last year's episode of scratches. It has a green kitchen scrubby thing duct taped to a a broom handle. Dip it in warm water, squirt on iodine wash and scrub. If she threatens to kick I ignore her, if she kicks she gets corrected, and then I go to scrubbing again. I managed to get the scab off and she let me pick it up to put our homemade anti-scratch goo on. Hoping I can clear the hind more quickly than I did the fronts!

We had an hour schooling lesson this evening. Mostly yielding off of my inside leg, pushing her toward the fence, and out on the curve of a circle. We trotted the poles a little but she wasn't being too cooperative on that. I had them on a pretty tight curve to the left and she kept avoiding the last one. When she finally went over those right we quit. Looking forward to some sunshine for the weekend....I'd like to get a lesson in and then get some miles again on Sunday if at all possible. ~E.G.

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  1. Hi,
    Enjoyed catching up on what you and Phebes have been doing. I am so glad to see how much you are enjoying your horse and the pictures are great.