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October 10, 2009

Fall has settled in...

The past week has brought another deluge of rainfall, crisper temperatures, and turned the page to Fall weather. Phebes is developing a heavier coat, though she hasn't given up grass for hay. We are usually on full hay ration by October 1st. Our lesson was canceled due to the heavy rains sogging down the arena. Maybe next week. This afternoon was spent going through the horse trailer, pulling out my horrendeous mess of "stuff" to the driveway, and handwashing the inside walls, and mopping the floors. Then I let the sun do what it does best and dry the whole thing out while my rug was washing away in the washer. In fact the washer barely stopped today with washing girths, boots, winter blankets, and such. My trailer and gear are pretty primitive and I've been giving some thought on how I can affordably finish out the tack room, bunk area without adding much weight, but making it feel a little more cheerful since it becomes my home away from home. Future fixes on my agenda include new floor mats for horse compartment, and an awning to give me a little bit of shade in camp. A canvas floor mat would be nice in the tack compartment and some kind of little built-in unit with drawers for horse boots, changes of clothing, and snacks. I think I'd like to curtain off the sleeping area to keep out mosquitos and be able to leave my door open for air flow. I don't sleep up over the gooseneck, but use that for storage. It needs a short board added to keep things from sliding off up there and that needs a valance or something to hid the stuff out of sight when not in use. My list is a mile long on little camping gadgets I could use. A gas lantern, some sort of little heater that won't give me carbon monoxide poisoning, a portable toilet for the middle of the night, a battery operated reading light that is small and bright that clips onto the book. Top of my list is a sleeping bag that is rated for cold. Old bones don't like the cold.

Hoping to get to ride tomorrow. Phebes didn't hit a lick this week and that is not good. She was galloping around out in the pasture this morning to entertain herself so she got at least a little exercise. ~E.G.

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  1. I absolutely adore camping gear lists.....mine goes on and on and I'm always adding stuff. it's probably one of my favorite things to think about.