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September 14, 2009

Scratches: Phebes has them.

I don't know where she picks them up but this time of year for three years running she has had scratches. Don't know if it is connected but it coincides with the white clover getting that powdery mold on it in the field. We only have clover on one end of the front paddock. Hope to spray it dead someday. We also rode some muddy squishy trails about two weeks ago, could have happened then?

So! I remove the scabs and scrub with iodine shampoo and let that soak for at least five or ten minutes (good time to break out the brush and shmooze the horse). Next I mix equal parts of antifungal foot cream, Desitin, and triple antibiotic ointment. Rinse off the iodine shampoo and pat dry with a clean cloth. Then I apply the mixture thickly onto the scratches and surrounding skin. It is a small case of it, but scratches are really hard to beat down. Last year it took me eight weeks to clear it on the hinds, and she was not a happy camper getting those things scrubbed. She however is being much more agreeable with the fronts.


  1. Is she showing any signs of lameness? Also, it usually (or maybe only, I'm not sure) happens were the horse has a pink hoof (not black) and white on the leg at least a little ways. Even though Stormy is grey she has 4 black hooves and I have not seen her have it. But Jazz got it on her one back leg where she has a pink hoof. I'm new to this too. The vet gave us some stuff to put on it and said to keep it as dry as possible and it eventually went away. It was causing her slight lameness and was exaserbated by the hoofboot with gaiter. But even without the hoof boot on she was a bit lame until it cleared up.

    Michelle Detmer

  2. So far she is traveling sound. It is really small, two pea sized spots. Phebes has four white legs. Cree has a spot on his hind leg, he has all white legs too.