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September 13, 2009

Worked on schooling and then a trail ride.

We worked kind of half and half today. First schooling in the front lot where Doug helped me set up a nice little schooling area with four logs to cross, four cones to weave through, and three barrels to bend around. She started off working very nicely. Then came two trucks...she unraveled a bit, pretty soon the same two trucks opposite direction, she unraveled some more, SAME two trucks the other way again, and again, and again until she was totally tuned off of me, jumping around, not watching her feet blah blah blah. I was pretty ticked, which of course is counter productive. I also discovered that my lesson yesterday unraveled my sweet little pitty pat trot I worked on getting for two weeks. I was rating her previously by using light contact on the reins (imagine a straight line vs. a floating line with some loose bend in it). This instructor floats the reins loose, so the contact gone Phebes is flying way to fast once again at the trot. I'm staying on okay as I'm riding better, but I'm going to have to ask Sandy next week if we can focus hard on bending, and rating if all other things fall into place.

Had my Garmin on during our schooling work and had 5.5 miles after a bit over one hour of work. Wanted 10 miles total today so we headed out to the trail and did some repeat loops until we got it. It has been a busy weekend and I'm of the mood to crank up the air conditioner and grab a good book.

Still missing my Puddin' this place is so quiet now when I come back from a ride. No Puddin' hollering her head off when she see's her baby come back. :(



  1. It must be so hard. I am so sorry for your loss :(

  2. I'll be interested in hearing how she suggests to rate with loose reins!

    So glad your first lesson went well - keep us updated!

  3. Nicole, it is possible. Even with horses that are a handful. You have to constantly keep changing your rein length. When they are going slow, or even just a bit slower, then you HAVE to give them some rein or they will never learn that is what you want. But in some cases at first, you have to give and take constantly. Like the beginning of an endurance ride!